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the pursuit of happyness (People always think that when you sleep together..)

People always think that when you sleep together, there’s always something that is happening in between the sheets and the bed. But let me tell you, It’s not always like that. The feeling of actually hugging each other until you fall asleep, the warmth of each other’s breath, and the total happiness in the morning when you wake up right beside them. Everything may sound so good to be true, but sometimes it takes a lot of responsibility and love to be able to be as wholesome as possible. Sleeping with your special someone is one of the most heartwarming experiences you’ll ever have. No nothing, simply hugging and smiling yourself to sleep.

via the pursuit of happyness.

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day and night
i am alway tired

but at night
i stay up just late enough
until i am exhausted enough
until i can fall into my bed
and into immediate slumber

because i can’t stand
to lie in my bed in a dark room
alone with my thoughts
for so many hours

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