Antoinette Tuff’s courage

She did more than great. There won’t be an Antoinette Tuff to save us from every school shooting – we need tougher gun laws and better mental health care too, and even then, people will find guns and do bad things. But Tuff gave a clinic in empathy, and the way that trying to connect with the pain of another person, even someone scary and dangerous, can save lives. (She credits her pastor with teaching her to “pray on the inside” when she’s anxious.) Tuff protected her students, but she also protected Hill from himself, and from the police – and she did it with love.

The story bigots hate: Antoinette Tuff’s courage –

With A Piece Of Chalk – YouTube

With A Piece Of Chalk – YouTube.

Killing Whores—Adorably Sociopathic Elementary School Science Presentation

Most Adorably Sociopathic Elementary School Science Presentations Funny | Happy Place.

The Zen Valedictorian: A Radical New Model for Getting the Most Out of College

If you understand…

  • your interests and values,
  • the psychology of impressiveness, and
  • how to be productive and study efficiently,

then you can construct a student lifestyle that is…

  • relaxed and free of chronic stress,
  • intellectually engaging,
  • wildly social and exciting, and
  • just as impressive as if you had followed the path of the grind.

We can sum this all up in the following pithy motto:

Do Less. Live More. Get Ahead.

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School Portrait (2011) on Vimeo

via School Portrait (2011) on Vimeo.

Photo of the Day: Taking the Test

More than a thousand students took mid-term examinations on the playground of Sihuang Middle School Thursday in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. (Zuma Press)

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Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity


This Is What School Kids Do In Japan




Pokébus of the Day: This Pikachu-themed bus spotted outside an Osaka kindergarten is just one of many cutesy vehicles employed by Japanese kindergartens and pre-schools to help make the experience of leaving mom and dad less traumatising for the young’uns.

“Sick My Duck”…you’ll never make it with girls if you stay out of school


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