Sh*t SCAD Students Say – YouTube

Homage to my school SCAD. Hilarious lol

Sh*t SCAD Students Say – YouTube.

SCAD got mentioned in SmashingMagazine. Yay!»


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Carla diana: from real to virtual and back again – Barbara Sansone»



Txt: Barbara Sansone
/ Img: courtesy by Carla Diana
/ Eng: Luisa Bertolatti

Some years ago, in the rich panorama of designers and artists that used Flash to express their creativity on the web, there was a very interesting female figure whose work had already achieved international recognition. It was Carla Diana, from New York, but as her surname suggests, not far from her Italian roots.

Carla’s work immediately gave off a particular feel. Her environments were almost always abstract and sparse and the objects that populated them were sound toys that the user could manipulate at leisure, thanks to the complex programming behind them. And Carla, with her love for mechanical objects and music, with her capacity to capture through her senses the stimuli of daily life that are generally ignored, with her reflections on the relationship between animals (even humans) and machines, with her attention to feedback of her colleagues and users, with her curiosity that gave her a deep understanding and knowledge and technique and finally, her simplicity which makes her open and available to talk about herself and continue to learn about other people’s work, she showed how to use Flash as a means to conduct a personal and coherent research, as if it were possible to go around the limits and use it as a creatively rich concept.

Her works, marked by a distinguishable style, enrich that area of the Web that, thanks to Flash, began to be dedicated to art, to experimentation and entertainment.

After having taught for many years at the Savannah college of Arts and at the Georgia Institute of Technology and later having worked at Frog Design in San Francisco, Carla has now returned to New York where she works at Smart Design, a company dedicated to object design with a user friendly direction… a perfect place for her! And from the 25th of August till the 25th of September she was invited to the Barcelona office to collaborate on the development of a top-secret project, in order to avoid industrial espionage.


I’m so proud to have her as professor when attending SCAD :)

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SCAD Students’ Water-Saving Designs – Core77 (GO SCAD)»

Singapore’s design push Coroflot Design Job of the Day: Industrial Designer, Ziba Design, San Diego, California

SCAD Students’ Water-Saving Designs

Posted by hipstomp | 20 Nov 2009


ID students at the Savannah College of Art & Design are currently engaged in a hands-on project with local relevance: Helping a nearby vacation destination, Tybee Island, reduce its water consumption to preserve a local aquifer. Vacationers flocking to Tybee’s beaches have already found their beachside showers turned off, as the island undergoes a government-mandated reduction of water usage by 44,000 gallons a day.

To that end, SCAD students are devising systems to meet Tybee’s needs using rainwater, bamboo, and even Astroturf:

Casper Krouse, a senior in industrial design, showed off a waterless sand-removal system Thursday. He and his classmates had lashed together a mat of bamboo poles wrapped intermittently with reclaimed artificial grass. “It’s a passive way to clean your feet,” he said.

…The students have identified methods to collect, filter and store enough rainwater to serve the showers at North Beach. Some of their ideas are tried and true, such as using the roof of the existing bathroom facility to collect rainwater. Others are new, at least to this area, such as a living filtration system that uses large planters filled with sand, gravel, peat moss and live plants to clean up gray water from sinks and showers for re-use in toilets or landscaping.

Students are due to publicly present their designs today, with Tybee City Council reviews slated for the near future. Read all about it here.

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