Fifty People, One Question: New York – YouTube

Fifty People, One Question: New York – YouTube.

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My favorite:

Just entertain me for five minutes, I’m not going to talk.

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Yes, Mr. Tea, white ppl’s DNA is completely whacked.


Why does the cartoon “Spongebob Squarepants” encourage children to become homosexuals and anti-Christian?


Why does the cartoon “Spongebob Squarepants” Encourage Children to Become Homosexuals and Anti-Christian?
I am glad that many conservative parents have spoken out against Spongebob Homosexualfornicator pants. This is cartoon has always been a blatant liberal brianwashing tool to expose children to a clearly, flamin gay cartoon character. No straight cartoon would have that many holes. Those holes are a metaphor for promiscuity. I have reason to believe that these holes on Spongebob were orifices and he is basically exposing his dirty pillows like the harlot of Babylon! There are times that I feel the show even suggested a perverted, unnatural relationship against our creator with spongebob and patrick. Patrick was clearly the top in the relationship. As you can see, the starfish had several sharp hands which I believe are metaphors for the male penis. So you have spongebob with many holes, and patrick with 5 penis shaped hands. Not only is this show promoting homosexuality, it is promoting polygamy and possibly socialism.

I am also strongly against this show’s promotion of lesbianism and feminist propaganda. The character “Sandy cheeks” was extremely masculine and never once did this character display an ounce of femininity. Unfortunately, this kind of garbage has become common in cartoons. I believe that the ultimate message that Sandy is teaching young girls is to abandon your children, motherly duties and go out and get a job, possibly leave your kids to be raised by a complete stranger. Liberals deliberately destroy the traditional family structure in an effort to be “hip” and “rad”, and she was an especially hairy character. Teaching young girls to avoid anything that makes you feminine. In fact, grow a mustache and start urinating standing up in the men’s room! I mean, Sandy the Squirl did it?

One last and especially disturbing thing I would like to mention about spongebob sodomitepants and I’m sure others have noticed the jellyfish that are marketed throughout the cartoon. They are shaped like semen or I believe they represent semen., and spongebob is constantly going “jellyfish hunting”, a euphemism for promiscuous homosexual behavior. He even uses a “net” to catch these “jellyfish”. I am extremely applauded, extremely, and as soon as parents wake up and see what Hollywood is trying to do to our children, the faster we can fix this.