COLUMBUS, Ohio — The transformation of the Short North — a 14-block artsy strip here — from scruffy to chic began in the 1980s. And the scrappy neighborhood, which connects downtown Columbus to the sprawling campus of Ohio State University, has defied the recent economic downturn by continuing that evolution with a string of new developments.

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Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams has gone Google

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams has gone Google

Thank God America still rewards people who miss their objectives by thousands of miles.

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Christopher Columbus Embarks On Maiden Voyage In Search Of A Western Route To The East Indies – August 3, 1492

Columbus lands on the New World at San Salvador

Columbus lands on the New World at San Salvador | Artwork by Dióscoro Teófilo Puebla Tolín

Christopher Columbus (c. 31 October 1451 – 20 May 1506) was an explorer, colonizer, and navigator, born in the Republic of Genoa, in northwestern Italy. Under the auspices of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, he completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean that led to general European awareness of the American continents in the Western Hemisphere. Those voyages, and his efforts to establish permanent settlements in the island of Hispaniola, initiated the process of Spanish colonization, which foreshadowed the general European colonization of the “New World”.

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Columbus Winter 2010_12_12 (2 of 12) | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Columbus Winter 2010_12_12 (2 of 12)


Some pictures I took last December around my neighborhood.

How faith helped uncover a ‘golden voice’»

(CNN) — By now, millions of Americans have heard from Ted Williams.

He’s “the homeless man with the golden voice,” a panhandler whose stunning vocal skills were recorded for an impromptu video that’s netted at least 4 million views on YouTube.

But what about the good Samaritan with the video camera?

What made him stop for Williams on a dreary, overcast day when scores of people ignored the African-American homeless man during the peak of the Christmas season?

It turns out that Doral Chenoweth III, the man who filmed Williams, has a story of his own.


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Homeless Man In Columbus Has A Golden Radio Voice – Timeline’s story»


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Homeless man w/golden radio voice in Columbus, OH in need of a job

First snow of the season

The clear Jack O’Lantern supremacy of OSU design students


The students were “working with what would be considered gray scale – black, white and grays – but in this case, they have to ‘think in pumpkin,'” [assistant design professor Tony] Reynaldo said. Therefore, the color palate was vibrant orange, orange, yellow and red.

“They have to really think in reverse because when you light a pumpkin, you’re backlighting it just like a computer monitor,” Reynaldo said. “So you have to think about where those transparent spaces are going to be in terms of a light source.”

To show white, students created a hole in the pumpkin to display pure candlelight. To show black, they left the pumpkin’s skin unscathed. To create grays, students etched into the pumpkin.

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