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To ask Tice whether he’s passionate about playing the guitar misses the point. Contentment in his world does not come from following passion, but instead in deploying it, day after day, in a quest to produce work so good it can’t be ignored.

Lesson Learned: There seems to be something deeply satisfying about turning your focus from what the world can offer you and onto what you can offer the world. This craftsman mindset might provide an effective and meaningful alternative to the passion mindset (i.e., worrying whether a job is your true calling) when navigating your career.

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Knowing what you're worth is valuable knowledge. Photo: Jim Merithew/Wired.com

Knowing what you’re worth is valuable knowledge.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Wired.com

A legendary story about automaker Henry Ford holds that he once had a problem with the generators in his factory. He hired electrical genius Charlie Steinmetz to figure out the problem, which he did, and Ford received a bill for $10,000. Steinmetz broke down the outrageous price: It cost $10 to tinker with the generators, but $9,990 for years of learning how to tinker. Ford paid the bill.

The lesson? Don’t devalue your skills just because the offer sounds “good enough” or “the work isn’t that hard.”

Before you take your next job offer, figure out how to get paid what you’re really worth.

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Why Seeking A Meaningful Career Is Bad Advice | The Middle Finger Project»

Why Seeking A Meaningful Career Is Bad Advice

Today, there are no flowery introductions, no background information to give and no anecdotes to tell (I’ll even spare you the details of the cute guy I met while white water rafting here the other day in Costa Rica)–today, it’s straight to the point:

You don’t have a career. What you’ve got is a glorified version of a job.

The term “career” is nothing more than a fancy linguistic trick designed to make you believe that what you’re doing is more meaningful than just some job, but in essence, they are the same: Whether you develop cutting edge proposals for high-value clients (ohhh, ahhh!) or you spend your days removing dirty plates from tables, you are, in both cases, performing a task in exchange for money.

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swissmiss | Career Advice

Career advice from Charlie Hoehn:

Therein lies the best career advice I could possibly dispense: just DO things. Chase after the things that interest you and make you happy. Stop acting like you have a set path, because you don’t. No one does. You shouldn’t be trying to check off the boxes of life; they aren’t real and they were created by other people, not you. There is no explicit path I’m following, and I’m not walking in anyone else’s footsteps. I’m making it up as I go.

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