Picture of the Day: Geometric Elegance «TwistedSifter

Photograph by Thomas Hawk

Captured wonderfully by Thomas Hawk is this elegant spiral staircase located at the Embarcadero Center in San Francisco’s financial district. Spanning four city blocks, the Embarcadero Center is a commercial complex of five office towers with over 3 million square feet of office and retail space.

The Embarcadero Center has numerous spiral staircases but this is certainly one of the most photographed and surely the most geometrically elegant spiral staircases in the complex. Even the tiles are hypnotic! A fantastic composition and great use of black and white.

Picture of the Day: Geometric Elegance «TwistedSifter.

Avalon Bay at dusk « Hungeree

A view of Avalon Bay as photographed from the Inn on Mount Ada on Catalina Island in Avalon, California.

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Misty rainbow at Yosemite « Hungeree

Photo credit: Justin Lee / Caters News

A rainbow appears in the scattered mist of a waterfall at Yosemite National Park in California.

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Did You Miss the Solar Eclipse? Check Out This Gorgeous Time Lapse Video

Cory Poole—science teacher at University Preparatory School in Redding, California, and Gizmodo reader—has composed this 60-second time lapse video made from 700 frames captured by a Coronado Solar Max 60 Double Stacked Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope.

Did You Miss the Solar Eclipse? Check Out This Gorgeous Time Lapse Video

Picture of the Day: The Largest Tree in the World

Photograph by JIM BAHN

The General Sherman is a giant sequoia tree located in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in Tulare County, California. By volume, it is the largest known living single stem tree on Earth. With a height of 83.8 metres (275 ft), a diameter of 7.7 metres (25 ft), an estimated bole (trunk) volume of 1,487 cubic metres (52,513 cu ft), and an estimated age of 2,300 – 2,700 years.

In 1879 this tree was named after American Civil War general, William Tecumseh Sherman, by naturalist James Wolverton, who had served as a lieutenant in the 9th Indiana Cavalry under Sherman. In 1931, following comparisons with the nearby General Grant tree, General Sherman was identified as the largest tree in the world. One result of this process was that wood volume became widely accepted as the standard for establishing and comparing the size of different trees. [Source]

Picture of the Day: The Largest Tree in the World.

Photo of the Day: Giant Owl Butterfly

Mac Jarman, 5, of La Mesa, California, reacts as a Giant Owl butterfly perches on him at San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s Butterfly Jungle. (Ken Bohn/San Diego Zoo)

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Picture of the Day: The Concrete Jungle

Photograph by Edward Burtynsky

The Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange is a stack interchange near the Athens and Watts communities of Los Angeles, California. Though the interchange permits traffic entering the interchange in all directions to exit in all directions (cf. Hollywood Split, East Los Angeles Interchange), the interchange also consists of direct HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) connectors, Metro Green Line tracks, and the Harbor Transitway, all of which contribute to the towering, imposing structure for which the interchange is known.

Opened with Interstate 105 in 1993, the interchange is named for Harry Pregerson, a longtime federal judge who presided over the lawsuit concerning the I-105 freeway’s construction. Shortly before the interchange opened, filmmakers had access to use it for the 1994 motion picture Speed. In one of the movie’s best-known scenes, the bus must jump across an unfinished construction gap in an uncompleted elevated freeway-to-freeway ramp while still under construction.

In 1996, the U.S. Federal Highway Administration recognized the Interstate 105/Interstate 110 interchange with an Award of Merit in the Urban Highways category of its biennial Excellence in Highway Design awards. The award recognized the interchange’s design which sought to improve traffic congestion, safety, and air quality. [Source: Wikipedia]

Picture of the Day: The Concrete Jungle.

Unconditional Surrender

The statue entitled Unconditional Surrender stands tall in the parkway along the waterfront in San Diego. The statue, which was modeled after a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt taken in Times Square on V-J Day at the end of World War II, is scheduled to be moved at the end of the month. (Lenny Ignelzi/Associated Press)

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This Week’s Animal Photos

A cluster of monarch butterflies, shot from below. Every year over 25,000 monarch butterflies huddle together to conserve heat on the pine and eucalyptus trees of Monarch Grove Sanctuary, in Pacific Grove, California. It is thought the butterflies come from as far north as Canada.

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YouTube – Portabello Estate

Smack dab between Newport and Laguna beach lies the oceanfront lots of Cameo shores, in the ultra-exclusive Corona Del Mar in Orange County, California. Originally listed at a cool $76 million in 2006, the fantastical Portabello Estate (which means ‘beautiful door’ in Italian) was eventually sold in 2010 for $34.1 million, less than half the original asking price.

This 22,000 square foot (2,044 sq m) oceanfront behemoth features eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms (and 5 half baths) and two saltwater pools surrounded by 3-storey high grotto cliffs. Of course there’s your standard 10-pin bowling lanes, 16-car garage, state-of-the-art movie theatre and automotive museum. Full details and pictures below on this insane property. It’s madness!!!

Can I die here? @_@

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