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I called my daughter immediately and when she picked up she sounded very defensive. I couldn’t talk I was just started sobbing into the phone. I finally just said “Janey I am so sorry for everything. I love you so much. I want you in my life and I want the people you love in my life too. Please come home.” She just was quiet forever and she only replied “dad you really hurt me and I don’t want to be hurt anymore.” This was the last straw for me I had a complete meltdown and began bawling. It was right then that the reality of my actions really sank in and I couldn’t get a word out except to say I’m sorry. This got her to crying on the other end of the phone and eventually we were both just silent for a really long time.

When I could finally talk I told her that it doesn’t matter what I believe is right or wrong. She already knows what my religion believes and me ever mentioning it again would not happen. Only love I told her. Only love. Only love.

So three days ago we got together for the first time and we have spent a lot of time together every day since. She brought her partner over the second time this morning and her partner is one of the most unbelievable people I have ever met. This makes me sad because for so long I would have hated her (yes I said hate) just for who she was and the threat I felt she was to my daughter’s ticket into heaven. It’s only been three days but forgiveness has been given by both sides and the relationship we once had has come back full swing.

via My Daughter Home At Last – Response to I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay.

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